One Off Payments: Holiday Money & Single Payment Options

Holiday Glasses

Transferring and exchanging money can become expensive and complicated – this has now changed so look no further! Our business has been formed by focusing on saving our customers money, and we do this by pre-agreeing low-cost, transparent and honest currency exchange services.

Using is an extremely cost-effective method. We have created a business model that shows you exactly how much it costs when processing international payments or simply buying currency for your next holiday. This means you no longer have to worry about what price you are getting, as this is always influenced from the going market rate, with no inflated fees!

How does it work? It’s Simple:

Once you have your agreed margin in place (your fixed quote) and you are ready to transact, you will always get the going market rate, less the small cost margin we have pre-agreed for you. It’s that simple!

For more information, follow our easy quotation process where one of our providers will be more than happy to help.