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Maximising the value of the currency you are using for your overseas property purchase is especially important to your property investment and can ultimately save you a huge amount of money.

Most Banks and currency providers will have hidden charges and these can be as high as 6% – even higher for more exotic currencies. Here at, we guarantee one low fixed visible margin between 0.2-0.6% and all fees are removed. So in summary, you pay only what the market rate demands, meaning you know exactly what your conversion rates will cost!

The Brexit property situation - Should I still buy a property abroad?

Sterling is looking a little fragile these days with the UK and their decision to pursue an exit from the European Union, but fear not as your overseas property investment can still go a long way – if you approach your investment right…

Europe remains an attractive place to invest in property, particularly in comparison to the current UK offerings. One thing is for sure though, it’s very important to secure a stable exchange rate prior to committing to an overseas purchase. With intense market fluctuations, you can leave yourself open to an unpredicted, and unaffordable purchase if you are not careful with your exchange provider options. Market insecurities may not affect your ability to commit to the purchase, but may well prove to cause complications if heavy fluctuations hit at time during the buying process.

Your transparent purchase with is finding that many individuals shop around for the best price and once they have found what appears attractive, the unsecured market rate fluctuates even before you have even signed up to the service. This leaves you and your investment in a position where you have no transparency on the genuine cost of your transaction. This is where things have changed, and your first step to actual cost and price transparency starts with us…

Our expert FCA Regulated and Authorised Partners are here to help you every step of the way – offering the most cost effective and efficient solutions for all your international property transactions. And remember, all our services offer full transparency on the true expenses when buying your currency, so you know exactly how much your overall overseas property transactions will cost.

If you’re looking to invest in property in Europe, then look no further than and our transparent, fixed market and stable exchange rates for your property purchase.

Contact us or follow our easy quotation process to see just how many thousands we are saving you and other property investors today!